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We offer private consultations for individuals wishing to have their dog evaluated and gain an outline for training.  Proper introduction to birds and guns is covered in depth for a young pup while more advanced training programs may be the prescription for a dog already exposed to the field.  Yard training, how to implement clicker training, or getting a dog to hold point and handle in the field may be the owner’s interests.  Private consultations are  tailored for individual owners seeking help and guidance in implementing a plan for bringing their dog to a higher level of success.  Getting a pup off to the right start and not having to fix problems down the road is the desire of many owners taking advantage of private consultations.

George offers private consultations either prior to or following one of the schools.  Individuals may also schedule time with George at the winter training grounds in the South or at the summer training facility in North Dakota.  George conducts a number of private events that are not published and may be able to schedule time at a location convenient to individuals.  Advance reservations are required in order to schedule according.  Please contact the office for more information and to set up a time to discuss your individual requirements.

For more information please call the office to schedule a time for George to call you and discuss the particulars of your dog.


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