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George Hickox can show you how to train a bird dog.  Whether you're looking to get serious about training your bird dog in one of our hunting dog training schools or you want to buy a top-notch bird dog that is ready to hunt, George Hickox Bird Dogs offers an option for owners and dogs at all levels of experience.   

For over 2 decades, George has shown all levels of dog owners how to train Bird Dogs.  1st time owners as well as advanced trainers will benefit from George’s comprehensive training program for owners & their dogs.  The focus of a George Hickox School is to teach owners  to maximize  their dogs’ genetic talents.  George’s goal is to “Teach the Trainer”.  Novice trainers will learn to properly develop a hunting companion with George’s proven program.  Seasoned dog trainers will advance their knowledge to become even better trainers.  No dog is too young to begin learning the right way.  No dog is too old to become a better hunter.   All owners at any level of experience will become more skilled dog trainers.

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